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So, you'd like to know more about me.

For a start, I'm a simple person who loves to learn something new. Well, that's quite the reason of my fickle-mindedness. Desk-bound job is boring but I have to do it anyway. And I love to fill my time with sports and activities to stay human and happy in life…

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Only 23, and I'm a Libra

I'm an Executive Assistant for Singapore Sports Council

I love to sing during my free time or when I'm stressed (to let it all out), I visit the shooting range once a while and I just got myself to learn silat (martial art), like doing aerobics like kick-boxing, learning all I can about creating webpages, photography and I love to have my photo taken ; )

2nd (Individual) & 2nd (Team) - 3rd SCDF Inter-school Shoot 1997
3rd (Team) - 1st National Schools Air-Rifle (0.177) Championships 1997
4th (Team) - National Schools Air-Rifle Championships 1994

Singapore Civil Defence Force Volunteer
CDANS Gun Club

Education, hmm… MacRitchie Primary (1987 to 1992)… First Toa Payoh Secondary (1993 to 1997)… Pa Lin Art School (2000)… Thames Business School (forget which year).

Guess that's all for now. If you do want to know more, feel free to ask. Write it in my Guestbook or email me.

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